in acute ischemic stroke

An urgent need for new treatments

Unmet medical needs

Glenzocimab is being developed for use in the acute phase of ischemic stroke as an add-on therapy to thrombolysis with or without mechanical thrombectomy. In its letter granting the PRIME status to glenzocimab (link), the European Medicines Agency recognized the unmet medical need in ischemic stroke. Glenzocimab with a dual mode of action in the treatment of ischemic stroke, first at the primary occlusion site, but also in the micro-circulation to help the reperfusion of cerebral tissue can start to respond to this urgent need.




Glenzocimab has been evaluated in a phase 1b/2a clinical trial in Acute Ischemic Stroke as an add-on therapy to Standard of care (ACTIMIS NCT03803007).

Further to a first escalation-dose phase conducted in 60 patients to determine a safe dose, additional 100 patients have been recruited to either 1000mg glenzocimab or its matching placebo, to assess the safety of glenzocimab as an add-on to thrombolysis with or without thrombectomy.

In February 2022, Acticor Biotech announced positive results of the study:
- Achievement of the study’s primary endpoint, confirming glenzocimab’s very favorable safety profile
- Reduction in the number of intracerebral hemorrhages and mortality among patients treated with glenzocimab

ACTIMIS results were presented by Dr Mikael Mazighi, Coordinating Investigator of ACTIMIS Study, at the European Stroke Organization Conference 20222.


Actisave study

Acticor Biotech has launched in 2021 an international adaptive phase 2/3 clinical trial (ACTISAVE [NCT05070260]) to evaluate the efficacy and safety of glenzocimab as an add-on therapy to thrombolysis, with or without mechanical thrombectomy, in the acute phase of Ischemic Stroke. The primary objective of ACTISAVE will be to evaluate the efficacy of glenzocimab administered within the first 4.5 hours of symptom onset.

The clinical trial is planned to recruit 400 patients in approximately 60 centers in the USA, European Union (France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Denmark, Czech Republic), United Kingdom and Israel. The first patient was enrolled in September 2021 and results are expected in 2024.


GREEN study

pconsortium, dedicated to the management of and new treatments for cerebrovascular accidents in emergency situations3.

In this context, Acticor Biotech is supporting a multicenter Phase 2/3 clinical trial including 260 stroke patients eligible for mechanical thrombectomy. The primary objective of this trial is to evaluate the efficacy of glenzocimab in combination with mechanical thrombectomy. The sponsor of this study is Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).

BOOSTER is supported by a government grant managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the future investment program integrated into France 2030, under grant agreement No. ANR-18-RHUS-0001.


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[3] BOOSTER is financially supported by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the Government’s Investments for the Future program (PIA)