Gilles Avenard

Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Billiald

Scientific​​ Founder

Sophie Binay

General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer

Nacera Brouttelande

Office Manager

Eric Cohen

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Comenducci

Medical Director

Violaine Desort-Hénin

Director of Medical Operations

Noémie Fhima

Analytical Project Assistant

Déborah François

Non Clinical Project Manager

Shahin Gharakhanian

Executive US Medical Consultant

Aymeric Humblot

Head of Finance and Administration

Jessica Jami

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Martine Jandrot-Perrus

Scientific Founder

Laurie Jullien

Head of Regulatory Affairs

Angéla La

Pharmaceutical Development Manager

Marilyn Labart

Senior Clinical Project Manager

Antoine Lebel

Communication and IT Assistant

Kristell Lebozec

Head of Pharmaceutical & Non-Clinical Development

Simon Lehue

Quality Assurance Assistant

Corinne Lind

Clinical Trial Assistant

Adeline Meilhoc

Global Clinical Operations Director

Stéphanie Paul

Clinical Operations Trainer

Yannick Plétan

Chief Medical Officer and General Manager

Victoria Rutman

Head of Quality Assurance

Anouar Sari

Senior Clinical Project Manager

Elie Toledano

Head of Global Project Coordination

Chloé Zulian

Junior Clinical Project Manager